Your 3D Designs

Your architects provide us a 3D model directly from their CAD program.


Review Process

Review your 3D model in VR using our VRx Cube or comaptible hardware.


Import Into VRx Platform

Your 3D model is brought into our VR engine and optimised for an AR/VR fitout.

Publish the VR experience

Publish your model on your own VRx Cube or compatible hardware.

Build AR or VR Visualisation

We build the model with our world leading Virtual Reality visualisation.

Coventional Digital Assets

Produce high resolution renders for use in print, web or other applications.

We can provide both VR visualisation and high quality pre visualisation renders.

Working with VRx is easy.

We can have your plans in a fully interactive VR experience swiftly and ensure a high quality output.
Our flexible solution is a fantastic addition to your existing workflow, with no disruptions and fantastic tools for your clients.

Commercial Property VR

Our tools have been proven to be an incredible asset to share designs with stakeholders. Taking businesses on the journey when moving facilities is easy to achieve.

Residential Property VR

Bring your vision to life! Our easy to use solution allows you to visual and feel what your new home will look like and allow you to catch any issues early in the design process.

Fly Throughs and Renders

Share our high quality visuals with others using 4K or Full HD video or pre visualisation renders at any resolution you require. This is perfect for marketing collateral – both print and digital.

We have worked on both commercial and residential properties and would love to work with you.

Our People

Based in Auckland, New Zealand our team enjoys the finer things in life, yet is very well traveled. Our clients span Australia, the US and parts of Asia. Geography has never deterred us from producing our best work. That being said, our doors are always open and the coffee machine and beer fridge (or gin & tonic) are always on hand.


Rohan Adarkar

Rohan Adarkar

DIrector of Strategy

An entertainment industry and technology enthusiast, focused on partnerships, and long term vision for clients.

Vast network of contacts in New Zealand, the US, Europe and Asia.

Marco Marinkovich

Marco Marinkovich

Creative Director

Guiding the creative direction for our team and clients.

Works with our clients to ensure their creative vision is delivered to the highest standards.

Manages our creative and design teams.

David Hayes

David Hayes

Solutions Architect

Forward-thinking developer and Solutions Architect.

Graduate of the University of Auckland School of Architecture; 3 years in architecture and the built-environment, 6 years in software development and digital art.

Jonathan Wiseman

Jonathan Wiseman

Techinal Director

Gifted entrepreneur, graduate of the University of Auckland School of Business. Additionally holds 6 professional IT qualifications and has over 14 years experience in information systems and operations management.